About Andrews & Wallis Group

The Andrews & Wallis Motor Group (AWMG) was founded in 1991 by John Andrews and Steve Wallis,. The first acquisition of the newly formed group comprised of a single dealership, Essendon Mazda.

By 2002, the group made its second acquisition in the form of City Mazda, (Sold to AHG in 2016) now located on Montague street, South Melbourne. In conjunction with this, a new partner was introduced into the group, Joe Cucuzza.

During 2005, AWMG made two additional acquisitions to complement its existing dealership assets, Airport Toyota and Essendon Honda. To assist with managing the growth of the group's dealership portfolio, a fourth partner was introduced into the group, Greg Macpherson.

In 2010, Jonathan Andrews returned to the family business and took a position in sales with City Mazda. Over the course of the next five years, Jonathan learnt the essential skills required to run a successful dealership business. This combined with his determination, work ethic, strong people skills and financial acumen, saw Jonathan appointed to the Dealer Principal of City Mazda in 2015 and Essendon Mazda in 2016.

In line with the group's commitment to promoting internally developed talented staff, in 2015 Pasquale Scaturchio, an existing employee of 9 years, was appointed as a partner in the group and appointed as General Manager of Airport Toyota.

In 2008 the group recognised an opportunity to capitalise on the strategic commercial location of a newly developed commercial district known as Essendon Fields. As a sign of commitment and belief in this precinct, the group relocated three of its four dealerships to Essendon Fields. As the group's financial results will testify, the move has proven to be a very successful one for the owners of AWMG.

Since the inception of AWMG in 1991, the group has continued to grow both its asset pool and talent base on the back of a highly profitable business model.